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Want to get started in coding?

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If like me you find yourself at your computer a lot, you've perhaps thought: "How does all of this work?"​
The answer, quite fittingly is coding. Programme development is hugely importance and understanding it is a great employ-ability skill. Where I live most colleges which accept students for high level qualifications require students who have an intermediate understanding of development, whether it's web development or programming.

If you are interested in computing and have some time to kill, or perhaps are looking to apply for Developer on this brilliant server, you of course need a place to get started.
I recommend SoloLearn as it is a diverse "Social-Media-esque" app and web site for people who are new to coding.
This is actually where I started to learn to code and if you want you can find my profile and stalk my progress Here

So what should you learn?
It's important not to overcrowd yourself or be confused by the wide arrange of options to start with. If you have zero coding experience I highly recommend you check out HTML Fundamentals just so you can get a feel for how coding must work, it is a very simple course which can be completed in 2 - 4 hours, but of course with every language, there is always much more to learn.
If you plan on developing for Minecraft in particular you should look into learning Java. Java is perhaps one of, if not the most "in-demand" languages right now. Java is used for android app development and is of course how Minecraft was made. So if you fancy dipping your toes into the world of mod development, app development or plug-in development: Java is the language for you.
However Java is a very complex language so if you have no previous experience with programming, I highly recommend you learn some of the fundamentals of Python.
If web design is more you thing, you should look at HTML, CSS and JavaScript. HTML is practically useless and can only create incredibly simple designs without CSS and JavaScript is used for developing commands and executable extensions which run on the website.
Don't believe me? Press F12 on your keyboard. You'll see a little tab pop up.
My friend. That is all coding. Mostly HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

What's the point?
Ability for coding is deeply sought after in I.C.T careers and is also incredibly fun.
Not enough incentive for you?
Well then...
Your loss.
But seriously, check out SoloLearn and maybe try to set a target. Make it realistic. Maybe you want to finish a course by the end of the week.
But don't be too optimistic. As nice as it is to think that you can be a Java developer in a few days, you have to understand there is no limit to coding knowledge so be prepared for lots and lots of jargon.

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions feel free to comment below and I'll try my best to answer.
- Dreym

I was actually thinking about attempting to learn code, as it sure does look fun :p
If i have the potential, I may try to start to game develop as a job in the future.
Thanks for the advice!

Raahil. M

Staff member
Coding is a lot of fun, something I might want to do. However, I am a sportsman, so definitely won't be thinking about it as a job. :p