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Very much original idea: "Typing-Games"

Thread starter #1
Ahoy there young chap.
Let's make typing games on Hatrex!
Upon approaching a certain NPC, you could challenge him to a typing race!
And words would appear in chat, and in subtitles. (Both bold)

Either you fight against yourself, or against nearby players. Or against records - to try and beat them.
The harder the sentences, the higher the reward.

There would also be "Wanted Champions" - players with high typing-skill. Winning against them in a typing-match gives you a large amount of coins & XP.

Making a spelling mistake / typing extra words, disables rewards.

And because why not:

> You could purchase a fishing rod from the same NPC and a bunch of bait.
You get a free set per 8 hours. (3 times per day)

> A large body of water will surround the hub. And a bunch of 1.13 fish would swim in it.

If a group of players would hang near the edge of the water, sometimes a few dolphins would pop up.
High-ranked members would be able to feed and taunt the dolphins. Everybody would be able to ride them.

Eventually hoops would form around you.

*I know that the last part doesn't really make sense. But I just thought about adding it anyway, so the thread won't be short.