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The Guide to Presenting a Suggestion

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Lawrence R. (L)

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Hey Hatrexians!

I'm sure many of you guys have great suggestions that you're thinking of at the moment.
Now the question is, what's the best way to present a suggestion and what's the best way
for it to be approved? This guide will be answering these questions and more.

What is the best way to create a suggestion?

First off, please do not use off-topic titles purely for the use of clickbait with suggestions. These are unnecessary and may result in infractions. An example of an off-topic clickbait title would be: "Abusive staff on Hatrex!" for a suggestion thread to do with adding a plugin on Survival. (Generally, people are going to want to view threads regarding staff abuse because that causes drama and is pretty popular amongst members of the community to read).

Make sure your title is well thought out and is related to the suggestion itself.
For example, if you are going to create a suggestion thread regarding changing the cost of an item on the Skyblock shop, the title could be something similar to: "Suggested changes to the Skyblock shop". This will make it clear as to what you are suggesting for the management team to add to the Hatrex network.

When creating the suggestion itself, try to describe the suggestion with the best amount of detail possible. Continuing the Skyblock shop suggestion, we could say something along the lines of: "Item x should have the price of y for the following reasons: reason1 reason2 reason3, etc." rather then simply stating "the prices should be changed". You are trying to persuade the management team in a suggestion thread and you aren't persuading anyone if you aren't going to include a reason as to why your suggestion should be added. Also, by describing and providing valid arguments, it will give a greater chance of attention and such.

When creating a suggestion, try to find something that the community would really want. We, the staff team, would like to see what the community want to add to the Hatrex server, not just by 1 or 2 people who sort-of like the idea.

Adding a poll to the suggestion

It is strongly advised that you create a poll on the suggestion thread which collects votes from players who like or dislike the suggestion. This makes it easier for management to collect data and evaluate whether we add your suggestion is not.

Please don't make a poll that is bias and single-minded. Make sure the poll is relevant to the topic.

Continuing with the Shop example, a good poll for the suggestion would look like:

Do you agree with the suggestion? Please vote on the poll and give your opinions commented below.


A poll that is bias and inappropriate would look like:

Do you agree with this?


By having a bias or unrelated poll, we may completely disregard the suggestion entirely.
Also, do NOT create multiple accounts to give yourself an edge on the subject as this will lead to your suggestion being disapproved, your account being banned, and the alts permanently banned as well.

Now if you want your suggestion to get attention, feel free to tag whoever, in the community.
However, if you want this suggestion to be forwarded and discussed, it would be the most effective to
tag one of the following staff members: @360noscope,@TheFastBowler , or @iConfueZ .

Based on how your suggestion is appealing to the community and staff, we will be taken action and such.

Enough talk of me, give some suggestions!!
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