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"Staff Feedback" Section - Explained!

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Hello all!
This guide will explain the use of the "Staff Feedback" section!

With the implementation of this forum section, we would like constructive criticism from the community of our staff team. We would like to know (from your perspective) what we do well and what we don't do as well as expected. This forum section is also used to report abuse of the staff rank from members of the staff team however, if the staff abuse is serious (EG: A staff member going on a banning spree and banning every member they come in contact with) and must be dealt with urgently, PM an Administrator or Owner immediately.

Only Owners and Administrators can read the "Staff Feedback" forum section.

With this section, you can either write positive or negative feedback regarding a staff member, a group of staff members or the whole team in general!

What will the feedback do?

Feedback for a staff member in this section will result in Management members noticing the feedback and acknowledging it. The feedback will be relayed to the staff member and it also may affect the certain staff member's rank (promotion and demotion within the staff team).

If you are giving feedback a single staff member, please use this format:

Staff Name: (Forum or Minecraft Username)
Positive/Negative Feedback?
What has the staff member done well / not-so well?

Thanks for all of the feedback! We appreciate it!
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