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Official Allowed and Disallowed Modifications

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Hello Everyone! In this thread, we shall show which mods are allowed on the server. Mods are "extras" that you can download for Minecraft, and these can do a variety of things, from helping the player increase their fps to changing the entire singleplayer gameplay to make Minecraft much more enjoyable.

Since mods have the potential to be helpful to a player, they are allowed on Hatrex. However, mods that give an unfair advantage over another user without any mods downloaded are not allowed on this server regardless of the excuse. The ones that are allowed will be listed underneath this.

For some extra info, it is highly recommended that you download Forge for these mods. While some mods like Optifine do not require Forge, most other mods such as the 5zig mod do. You can download the appropriate version of forge for your suitable client from here.

Chat mods such as Macros, 5zig, and Tabbychat are allowed. However, please note that rules still apply with these mods. Do not attempt to "change" a username to false ban people.

In-game features: Mods that have small in-game features such as the Minimap Mod are allowed. Other mods include 5zig, Optifine, Damage indicators, etc. When using a minimap, player tracking must be off. Mods that give any sort of in-game advantage (such as autos) are not allowed.

Mods that change detail: Mods that only change the detail of Minecraft is allowed on this server. These include Resource Packs, Shaders/Capes, etc. X-Ray is not allowed on this server regardless, and you will be banned for using x-ray. Do not use mods that change your user's username, skin, etc.

If there is a mod that you want to add to this list, please DM me via Discord or start a convo with me. When doing so, please try to give some details with the mod to help us make a decision faster.

However, there are a few mods that you are not allowed to use. Here is the list.

  • Any Hacked Client (Wurst, Pandora, and Vape etc.)

  • Auto-Sprint (LabyMod)

  • Any other mods that have an effect on gameplay to give you a big advantage

Anyone using a mod not on this list without approval, using a mod that gives you an advantage or is in the not allowed list, will be liable for a report and a ban.

Mods that generally have similar use to ones listed above are allowed to be used, however, speaking to a staff member (xx_360noscope101) is recommended before using it to avoid any punishment.

This list is subject to change, please refer to it before making use of any modifications.

Updated as of 4/12/2018 by xx_360noscope101
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