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Map Submissions

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Raahil. M

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Read this thread for information on how to make a map submission and what we need.

In the map submissions, we require screenshots of your map or a video. It's useful if your maps are in the style of what most Hatrex builds use. If you look at our lobby, you can get a basic idea of what style Hatrex is going for. As always, to have your map as part of the Network, used for a game, you would need a high quality map, that looks stunning, is unique, and creative.

How to setup a new map submision.
This is very easy to do. You only need to post a new thread in the 'Map Submission' section. You need some screenshots of your maps or a video displaying it. Feel free to make it look as cool as you like, you can display your map in form of cinematics. Alongside that, include details about your map. How many players can play on the map, what sort of style are you using, how long did it take you to build it, credit everyone who built it.

Good luck for everyone that is going to make a map submission! We look forward to seeing some amazing maps!

Note: Not all maps submitted that receive good comments will get added. If you fulfil the requirements, it's not guaranteed that your map will get added. It's up to the Head of the Build Team and on discussion of Administrators whether to add your map or not.
Not open for further replies.