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List of Allowed and Disallowed Modifications

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Hello Everyone! Mods are very helpful for people that play Minecraft. They make the game look better and can assist you, in a way that does not affect gameplay to give you an advantage.

Now, we do want our player’s lives on the game to be easier, and therefore, you are allowed to have mods, however, not mods that give you an advantage on the gameplay. Specifically speaking, use of any mod that is not on this list below, will result in a ban. Do read this thread thoroughly to find out the mods you are allowed to use, we highly request you to read this, you do not want to get banned because you have used a mod that is not allowed.

Before you do download any mod, I recommend downloading forge, because this hosts mods for you so that they work. Several mods in this list require forge. You can download the appropriate version of forge for your suitable client from here.
#1 Optifine

Optifine in no way gives you any sort of advantage. It simply gives you more settings and helps with your fps. Not just that but it also has other things such as zoom and fps. In fact, this mod is so useful that I would recommend you to download this. It's safe and easy to download and there is no file extracting or any of that. You can get optifine here.

#2 Tabby Chat 2
Tabby chat is a mod used so that you can read chat much much easier. This does not in any way affect game play and is allowed from hatrex. You can download Tabby Chat 2 here.

#3 5zig Mod
5zig is a very handy mod. It shows you armour status, potion effects, FPS, coordinates, server ip, your current time, ping and many more. This mod can also be customized to look the way you want it to look. This mod is used by many PvPers and is an allowed mod. Note: any mods with armour and potion status are allowed. You can download the 5zig mod from here.
453425.jpg Note how there is a gui on the top left and top right corner.

#4 Health Indicators
This mod helps the player view the opponent's current health. This mod, in some way does give you an advantage, however, it is not game effecting that might lead you to win more easily than others. You are allowed to use this mod, it can be downloaded from here.
#5 Shaders and Capes
This has absolutely no effect on gameplay, it only makes the game look more better for you. You can download Shaders from here.You use shaders at your own risk though, it requires a very good graphics card and PC to run, so beware with the type of specs you have. The Capes mod can be downloaded from here. Note: Capes are paid most of the time.

There are a few other mods that you may use, however, since we cannot list every single mod, before using a mod that is not one of these 6, please ask us, and we’ll approve or deny it.

However, there are a few mods that you are not allowed to use. Here is the list.

  • Any Hacked Client (Wurst, Pandora, and Vape etc.)

  • Auto-Sprint (LabyMod)

  • Any other mods that have effect on gameplay to give you a big advantage

Anyone using a mod not on this list without approval, using a mod that gives you an advantage or is in the not allowed list, will be liable for a report and a ban.

Mods that generally have similar use to ones listed above are allowed to be used, however, speaking to a staff member (xx_360noscope101) is recommended before using it to avoid any punishment.

This list is subject to change, please refer to it before making use of any modifications.
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