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Helper Application Guidelines

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Raahil. M

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Thank you for showing interest in becoming a voluntary staff member! This is a guideline for the role of Helper, please read the entire guideline before considering to apply.

We are looking for players who are able to represent Hatrex Network throughout the entirety of the Minecraft community with excellence. A more detailed list of qualities we look for in helper candidates is listed below.

  • Representation: You must represent Hatrex as a whole on the Minecraft community. This means, that if you have broken a rule on another server recently then you don't deserve to become a Helper on Hatrex.
  • Maturity: We would like staff members who are mature. It is a recommendation that candidates must be at least 13 years old, however if you are under 13 but extremely mature, we will still accept you. You should know what's right and wrong, and also understand when to take action/put a stop to a certain situation.
  • Social: You must engage with the Hatrex community by talking with them and getting to know them After all, you are representing our community. If you have no clue what our community is like, then how can we expect you to represent it? Being social in general is great such as talking with others on forums/discord.
  • Friendly: As a staff member, you must be easy to talk to. You must be open and friendly. If someone has any concerns or worries, you are there to help the player.
  • Good Spelling and Grammar: Everyone should be crystal clear on what you are explaining. If you are unable to write or communicate properly, then we cannot rely on you to help our community as they will not understand you. If you have bad spelling or grammar, it seems like you are highly unprofessional.
  • Honesty: If you aren't honest, then please move your mouse to the top right of this screen and click the red X button. We do not want staff members who are going to lie to management. If you lie in your application, your application will be instantly denied and you will not be considered for Helper ever.
  • Trustworthy: We want to trust you with various information that must be kept secret to the staff team. You should keep this information private and not leak staff information.
  • Being able to work as an individual and part of a team: As a staff team, there are times where you must work together. Also, there may be times where you have to work as an individual. You should be able to do this efficiently and easily.
  • Community driven: It is essential to be active on the forums. You must post a few threads, make suggestions, and respond to suggestions, as well as support us on Twitter and other platforms.
  • Multilingual: Being multi-lingual is not essential however it will add a huge plus to your application. We will often ask you to translate certain texts.
  • Professionalism: We want professional individuals that are serious about their job and want to do it to the best of their ability. You should excel at what you do.
  • Criticism: We also look for helpers that are able to tolerate and accept criticism. We will often provide criticism so you can improve your work in the future, and we require you to understand this. You should not take it to be rudeness and/or harshness. If you are unable to accept being criticised for your work, then do not apply. Even owners and admins receive criticism for the work they do, and it is an important aspect of improvement. Especially if you make a mistake, you will be under the gun from your seniors, but you should be able to get through this if you are mature enough, and react well, as well as try to improve and avoid repeating mistakes.
Do not tell/ask a staff member
  • To read your application
  • If your application has been read
  • How was your application
Are there any physical requirements I must have before I can apply?
You must have a working microphone
2) You must have a registered forums account with at least 10 messages.
3) You must have a Discord account

How long are Helper applications open for?
Applications are open all the time, however they can be closed temporarily for technical issues.

Who will review your application?
@360noscope and @TheFastBowler are the only staff members who are able to review helper applications.
If you are accepted, you will receive a reply on your application with a message requesting to have a voice interview on Discord. This does require you to have a microphone

Please note: If you are accepted for an interview, you are NOT allowed to tell anyone else about it. This includes telling any other staff member. An interview DOES NOT automatically mean you will be accepted.

If you have been denied, you will receive a reply on your application from with a message giving detail as to why your application is denied an how you can improve your application or any other aspects that need work on.

I was denied?
If you have been denied, please take some re-evaluate your personality, re-read this thread and read the feedback on your application. Use all of this information to improve and show that you are able to handle denial and you can improve upon it.

Once you receive a final judgement on your application, you must wait one month before you can apply again. If you do not wait for the full month, you will be immediately denied. Even if this means you applied one day before you are able to apply again. You must be patient. Note: This is not one month after you CREATED the application but one month after you receive a final judgement.


(Please copy and paste in this format and fill in the question. Make sure to make the application pleasing to the eye. Bolden the questions. Do not use colours. You must answer every single question.)

1) Please give us the following information:
  • What is your Minecraft username?
  • Do you have any previous Minecraft usernames?
  • How old are you?
  • What timezone are you in?
  • What country do you live in?
  • Do you have access to the Hatrex discord server and a working microphone?
  • What languages do you speak fluently?
  • Do you have a gaming twitter account?
2) Please tell us a bit about yourself. (You may link your introduction thread here or you may introduce yourself here. As a staff team, we want to know more and more about you so we can grow a closer staff team community.)

3) On average, how much time do you spend on Hatrex every day?
- On the Server?
- On the Forums?
- On Discord?

4) Have you been banned/muted/kicked/warned on Hatrex or any other server before? Do you have a bad/toxic reputation on any server?

5) What characteristics makes us want to add YOU to the Hatrex Staff Team?

6) How do you stand out from other applications? Why should we give YOU Helper and not the next applicant in-line?

7) Why do you want to become a Helper? What made you want to fill in this form and create a thread?

8) Please fill in the actions you would take in the following scenarios:
During the evening, you have a lot of homework to complete, due the very next day. You take a short break to log on to Hatrex for 15 minutes to check how things are going, then you will get back to your homework. But you stay and you continue for playing for longer and before you realise it, you've been playing for 3 hours, it's time for bed, and you've not done any homework. Is this a familiar situation you encounter/have encountered?
- You've been promoted to moderator this week, and you muted a player known by everyone in the community for breaking a rule. The player argues with you on Twitter/Discord. What do you do?
- A player asks for free items. What do you tell this player?

9) Are you currently a staff member on any other server? If so, please fill in this format for every server that you have been staff on:
- Server name:
- Server forum site (If there is one):
- Average playerbase:
- What have you learnt from being staff on this server?
- Are you currently staff on this server or have you left the staff team? If you were demoted, please explain why.

10) Is there any more information you would like to give us in your application before submitting it?

Good luck with your application!

Please Apply: HERE
[LAST EDIT: July 22, 2018]
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