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Hatrex: The Questions

Raahil. M

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Hello Hatrexians

As a network, as a server, we obviously have a lot of struggles. However these are nothing compared to what we've faced over the last couple of weeks. It's self doubt and it's lack of assurance.

Java Minecraft is a steadily dying community. Lots of servers are seeing declines in player counts. We weren't too concerned by this until now, wherein we are questioning ourselves, is it worth running a Minecraft server anymore?

We conducted research, and the answer is no. But we still feel somewhat that we can try. Our progress, truth be told, has been very minimal, because of this doubt. We don't know if we can use the resources once again, because if it will inevitably fail due to the dying Minecraft community, then why should we invest? For re-assurance, we turn to you, our community. Whatever of you is left, whatever of you is willing, please reach out to us and tell us if you are still interested in us releasing. If we have this assurance, we can really get that motivation back. It's not about how hard it is to do what we're doing, whatever progress is left to be made isn't too challenging, and can be done rather quickly. We won't be sharing the exact statistics of our progress, but we are no where near even half way to releasing. It is about if what we are working on will actually be of any use, will people play it, will it be of any worth?

Are you still interested in Minecraft? Are you still interested in us releasing Hatrex?

There's more, however, and it comes down to the fact that even if there are a good amount of people (which we have sort of established -- we are generally ready to proceed with Hatrex again), how do we get them and how do we keep them?

We are dealing with a lot of marketing these days, and we have found some statistics and information which we would like to share with the community. JamesPlayzGames, former Owner and YouTuber rank holder on Hatrex had around 1,000 subscribers and streamed on Hatrex for 3 consecutive days, and we got 40+ players each day, and we also hit our record highest of 57 players on one of the days, and this record was set after the stream finished. Now after heavy and extensive market (desk/secondary) research, we have concluded that our best shot at growth is a YouTuber.

Yes, it is about the player counts. When we first opened, we hit 40 odd players in the initial weeks. But our average player count reflects that we usually gain in the region of 10 to 20 players. This isn't a region we want to be in. And no, it's not for money. We have absolutely no financial issues at this present moment, so much so that we can invest quite a fair amount into advertisement. We want players for the motivation. We want the money we invested, the work, the hours we invested to be worth something so that players can enjoy it. We would be satisfied with something around the region between 100 to 300 players. That's our goal, if we can reach such a player count, we will be prepared to run for quite a while. But if it's going to be 20 players again, then unfortunately, we aren't quite willing.

As you'll see, we've dealt with failures in the past - which is why this is going to be our 6th official release. We have failed and tried again, but we aren't so sure that it's worth the failure once more, since there may not be much to from even risking in the first place. That's how servers, or companies in general work, and Hatrex operates similar to that. But if we can see that there is potential and we can obtain new players and reach that player base between 100-300 players, that's something we would be willing to work for, but we just don't envision that at the moment.

So, what do we ask from you?
We're going to leave 2 straw polls. If you have ever had any relation to Hatrex, we urge you to answer these polls, because it is crucial to us that we know what our existing and remaining community thinks.
Straw Poll 1
Straw Poll 2

Alongside that, we would also really appreciate some marketing support. We need YouTubers from any subscriber count over 500 who would be willing to stream/record on Hatrex so please let us know if you know anyone/think anyone would be useful. If you have any other marketing strategies in mind that we could use to get the players, please let us know. We hate to say it, but it is a desperate time. We have been silent with the community and have really cut off interaction, and we apologise for it, however we did because we weren't sure we actually should continue and in the past, when we reached out to our community, even when at large we rarely got support, but we really need it at this moment if you wish to see Hatrex succeed. Our staff team certainly does, but we just need that re-assurance.

If we are to continue, here is Hatrex's official vision and mission.

MISSION: Hatrex Network strives to interactively create exciting customer-oriented, flexible content in an open-minded environment. We aim to have a safe, secure, and amiable atmosphere on our platforms to ensure a joyful and accepting community, certified by our diverse, proficient, professional, and mature staff team. We continue to run our network as one that is client dominant, wherein we seek to rely on customer opinions for our content, so that we are able to produce delightful and enjoyable content for customers to experience.

VISION: At Hatrex Network, we provide our customers an enjoyable and unparalleled experience through our exceptional content.

Respond to this thread with your thoughts as well.

Depending on what we receive on this thread, you'll see another one in another couple of weeks.

- The Hatrex Staff Team
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