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Hatrex - The future


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Hello Hatrexians!

After a long time, we are now able to give you some more information regarding what exactly has been going on behind the scenes. The aim of this thread is to inform you about this and the transparency that we are now moving towards.

Firstly, the forums. We have redesigned our forums theme. This is part of our complete rework of Hatrex Network. But that's not all. We are planning on switching over from XenForo to MyBB in the near future as we find it suits our needs the best and will also be a lot more efficient and improved for you, the user. We are still actively working on this, and once we get closer to its release we will share more information. Below you will find a preview of our new forums, which is still in development.

We are working on several website integrations. This includes the linking of the forums, server, appeals, statistics and much more. This is of course a quality-of-life feature that will be very convenient for all to use so as we start rolling out our new forums, you will start seeing the benefits and simplicity in the changes.

Additionally, we also have a new server logo and icon. You can view them below.

Now for the ever-anticipated server-related information. With the intention of being straight to the point, we are actively working on the server at this moment, currently optimizing and re-coding our core plugin. Once this core-functionality is complete we can make some real strides with additional features. We will be able to share more information regarding the state of the server later, but as of now, this is what we are doing.

We do plan on being more transparent with our progress by providing regular updates to be publicly displayed, hopefully to give you more assurance of our work and progress. We are coming back. Not immediately, but soon - the day of release comes closer every passing day.

We encourage you to seek out any answers to any queries you may have. Hope this is promising and gives clarity on our current situation.

- The Hatrex Staff Team
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