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    Hello Hatrexians!

    Today I am proud to present to you, Hatrex Network.

    Hatrex was started off in October 2016 by two YouTubers and friends, HackersDontWin and Zrathex. This was for the fans of their channels, so they could all have fun together. Since then, Hatrex has had many ups and downs. Hatrex has merged twice, and done so many things. The owners have resigned, and then returned. This has been a bumpy ride and often times I thought that this would be the end of Hatrex. But we stuck hard, and after fighting it out, we have worked hard, to produce to you something that HackersDontWin and Zrathex tried. It stayed for a long time, but eventually it had to end. iConfueZ and I today are proud to present to you, on behalf of the entire Hatrex staff team, including everyone that has ever done anything for Hatrex.

    Hatrex SkyBlock

    This game was the first and only game on Hatrex when it first began. And we plan to currently have it as our only game. For those of you who have been with Hatrex from the start (Notable players include LarsWijn, AboodPlayz, Prince3Lawi, princeyazan, Fxhmiiz_, and of course, the owners), you will remember how that time was, and we have tried to recreate the SkyBlock that was at that time.

    This new SkyBlock includes ranks on SkyBlock, daily trades, a custom currency, 3 different spawns, and many more. Here is the entire changelog!
    • Ranks for SkyBlock - Use money to rankup to new ranks. There are 3 tiers of ranks
      Tier 1- Worker, Specialist, and Starman: Has access to the default mines and shops.
      Tier 2- Ensign, Lieutenant, and Commander - Has access to the Cronos spawn, with tier 2 mines and shops, daily trades, and the BossWorld (BossWorld coming soon)
      Tier 3 - Captain, Commodore, Admiral, and Admiral - Has access to the Omega spawn, with tier 3 mines, shops, daily trades, and more dimensions (Dimensions coming soon)
      Use the command /ranks to learn more!​
    • Custom Currency - There are now two currencies you can use. Money and emeralds. You use emeralds to buy and sell resources, and money to rankup. Money can be earned by doing challenges and jobs. You can also exchange currencies, by converting emeralds into money (or selling emeralds) or converting money into emeralds (buying emeralds).​
    • Jobs - You can do multiple jobs such as miner, mob killer, etc to earn a little extra money. You can level up your job to earn more money every time to you do it.​
    • Personal level - Every time you do more things in the BossWorld, challenges, or jobs, your personal level bar will get higher. Once you level up, you get more rewards.​
    • Silk touch spawners - You can silk touch spawners in the nether and buy spawn eggs to turn them into spawners of different mobs.​
    • Custom items - From the BossWorld, or from increasing your personal SkyBlock level, you can earn custom items, such as diamond boots with speed II, a chestplate with regeneration, and many more!​
    • Tutorial - In the main spawn, we now have a tutorial. Often times players would ask, “how do I make money” and questions along those lines. To clear it out, we have added a tutorial showing almost every aspect of our own SkyBlock.​
    • Crates - You can buy crates from our official store for SkyBlock.​
    Thanks to @StopWalking for a cool trailer.

    Hatrex SkyBlock has been worked on very hard and we have tried to bring the most unique SkyBlock to provide the most enjoyable experience for players.

    Alongside that, due to SkyBlock being the only game for now, we will be working hard to add weekly updates to SkyBlock, and daily bug fixes. However, since we have worked very hard for the last 2-3 weeks on this update, working nearly 12/14 hours a day, the Hatrex Administration team will be taking a break for a couple of days before we start rolling out the weekly updates.

    Alongside that, this is pretty much a Network revamp we have done. We have new ranks as well on our official Hatrex store​
    • Elite
    • Titan
    • Mystic
    • Draco
    Another addition to the Hatrex store are unbans. Shall you get banned for hacking or any offence, you can purchase an unban once. Or you shall have to wait out the ban.

    To sign off, Hatrex has been a long journey, and we today, are trying to provide to you the best experience. We hope you enjoy, and please feel free to leave any feedback you may want to leave.

    So log on and play SkyBlock at play.hatrex.net!
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    So awsome!!!! :)
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    Looks amazing you guys have done a great job <3
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    I think they are well aware of this.
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    Released! Let's nolife!

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