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Hatrex Dev Update - #1


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Hello Hatrexians!

On Discord we've asked whether you want to see development updates. Based on the results of the poll, and our strive to be more transparent with the community we've chosen to start development updates, starting today. This post will contain a lot of technical information and gives an insight on how Hatrex is being runned.

➤ What have we been doing in the past month(s).
Many of you know that we took a 'break' and haven't really posted an update about Hatrex's state for a long time. This was because we lost motiviation. Once we've picked up development again, we noticed that our core plugin wasn't well-written, and that it could be improved in many ways. So we basically throwed all our old code into the bin, and we started from scratch.

This resulted in better code, many optimizations and the ability to easily add new functionality because of how it is written.

Some (technical) info:
  • All data is stored in a database and loaded when a player connects to the server, and cached in an object.
    • We use both MySQL and MongoDB - each database engine stores different data.
    • For MySQL we use HikariCP. An JDBC connection pool that is extremely fast.
  • It could - technically - handle a lot of concurrent logins at the same time, without performance decrease or delay.
  • All other parts have been merged into one plugin. Some examples:
    • Permissions system.
    • Leveling system.
    • Logging systems.
    • Punishment system.
We're slowly coming to a point where the core functionality - the most important part of our network - will be finished. Once this is finished we will be doing some internal testing and code analysis to identify possible bugs or flaws within the plugin. When the tests are good, we will be opening a 'test server' which every player can join - we will be logging every action to see if everything goes as intented. We can then identify possible bugs at an early stage if something comes up and solve them. This way we can be sure that everything will work as intented upon release - as our strive is to release a fully functioning network that will only need a few targeted fixes.

➤ How do we store data?
As I said before in the technical information part, we use both MongoDB and MySQL to store player data in a database. Each stores different data depending on which database it suits the best. Here's an interesting article comparing both databases:

➤ Player analytics
A thing that we've never had on Hatrex was proper player analytics. We could never see whenever a player joined the server, how long the average playing time of a player was, how many unique players have joined the server etc. With the new version of Hatrex we will be having proper player analytics, logging every session, playing time and more.

➤ Replay function
We will also be working on a replay system so we are able to save server-side recorded clips. These records will be stored on a different instance where the records can be retrieved and loaded onto a replay server.

We use this for the following purposes:
  • When an error occurred, we'll be able to review the record to see what the player did before the error. The last 30 seconds will be recorded.
  • When a player is banned for cheating, we will record the last 60 seconds (may change) before the player got banned.
We also have a few other cool things in mind, which we don't share yet.

➤ Website re-work
A first step to a new forums is changing our current 'main' style. The style you are currently viewing is not the final version however it has the same details and colors as the final version.

Now that our style has been updated, we're working on a few new websites and not to forget, a completely new forums.

All websites will be linked to the server, which allows you the following:
  • Review your player data. This includes:
    • Rank
    • Name color
    • Settings (you'll also be able to edit them through our website)
    • Game statistics
    • Last played game (and if the game supports it, it also displays how long your has last, how many kills you had etc.)
    • Ability to manage security options (they're pretty cool)
    • And more...
  • List of punishments.
  • And some more intergrations that you'll get to know when we get closer to release.
Moreover, we have adjusted our web server for faster loading times.

➤ Feedback
Feedback and ideas are always welcome. We want to release a server that is feature-rich, well designed and is liked by the players. A way to achieve this is to actively listen to player feedback and suggestions. If you have any suggestions or ideas you want to share with us, you can do so by creating a thread in the 'Suggestions' forum which can be found by clicking here. We will try to respond to every suggestion - your suggestions are heard.

➤ Anything else you would like to see in the dev updates?
Please tell us if you want to see anything else in the development updates - we will then see whether that is possible or not.

➤ When is the next dev update?
We will not be providing a new date as to when a new development update gets released as we cannot estimate when a task is finished due to the complexity behind it. We don't want to rush development and come up with broken features - we want to make sure that everything is working as intended.

Although we haven't posted many updates in the recent months, you should know that we are actively working on Hatrex Network. Hopefully this first development update was promising and gives you trust in us - that we are actually working on the server, and that the day of release comes closer, not immediately, but Soon™
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