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    Here is very important information about advertisement and selling/buying of items and giveaways on Hatrex Network.

    Any public giveaway on the Hatrex Network* that gives an item that is bought from the Hatrex Store (Ranks, Booster, etc...) has to be approved by a member of the Hatrex Administration Team. If your giveaway requires approval, you can obtain this by sending a PM to @Zrathex or @TheFastBowler on the forums or on Discord. Any giveaway where the prize is not something purchased from the Hatrex Store is not allowed. Minecraft accounts are strictly not allowed. Optifine cape giveaways are also not allowed, since selling capes is against the EULA and we do not support this practice. We also do not allow the giveaway of physical items (things which need to be posted) on the website due to privacy concerns surrounding the sharing of personal information, including real names and addresses. If you find someone doing a giveaway of something which requires approval without a screenshot of an approval message from @Zrathex, report it to @Zrathex or @TheFastBowler. We will do our best to protect your privacy in store purchases. Read our terms and conditions on the store to learn more.
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