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Generic Person (#27)

Thread starter #1
Well hello there chums

So right now, as you are reading this, I am going to talk about who the hell am I.
Now obviously, I can make this interesting and go straight to the point and explain about my hobbies, my relation to Hatrex, my various friends around here, what I want to eventually get out of playing Hatrex, my reason of existence, information about my YouTube channel, information about my very own personal self.
I could do that.
I could.
Don't you underestimate me. I could do it. Totally. Yeah. Mhm. Mm-hmm.
You can't prove me wrong.
Okay. I guess it's time's up. You've read enough.
This enormous wall of raw text. It's just so boring. So stale. (Was) On sale. All hail (Lord Cricket)

Okay fine you got me.

--- I N T R O ---
My close friends call me Chum, and I introduce myself as: Chum.
And I have lots of names that I go by. I change my in-game names every few months.
- Whenever I come up with a cool one. -

Unfortunately, yes. I do have a YouTube-Channel.
No. I don't upload content often. Well, whenever I get some footage.

So I play quite a few games... Chess, Minecraft, For Honor, Crossout, Blade & Soul, and Team Fortress 2.
I'd like to say I am very good at 1.9 MC PvP. And I play on Forge 1.12.2+
And am a Warden Main on FH. DUES VULT

Except for big boy Mr. Bowler, I don't really have any friends in Hatrex. But that's gonna change. With you. |;')

Yes. I watch Anime.
Yes. I watch both old and modern movies. from the 1890's to 2024.

Also, I'm 14. And yes, my voice can jump from a squeaky bastard, to RacconEggs' deep.
I quit left MC for FH, because I just have more fun.
But whenever Hatrex releases, I think I'll log in daily for the first year or so.

The big fancy reason that I suggest so many concepts on Hatrex's forums, is because I just want to receive opinions and critique out of Hatrexians.
Or however Bowler spells it.