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Game Suggestion: SkyWars


Jan 7, 2020
The Netherlands.
Hi people of the internet!
Maybe I'm a little bit to early for this suggestion, but I think this game can be added in the future if there is a bigger playerbase.

SkyWars is my suggestion, I really like to play SkyWars it's one of my favorite minigames. When I found the Hatrax Network out, there where really nice and great maps made by Yoya and @StopWalking. I hope to see SkyWars back on Hatrax maybe it's a little bit to early for making this suggestion, but better to early then to late.

For the people who not know what SkyWars is: SkyWars is a multiplayer PvP game where each player starts off on a separate island and tries to battle each other like in PvP. The main goal is to be the last person or team alive to win. Often there is a middle, larger island that contains chests with better loot.

But I also think that SkyWars can be added if there is a bigger playerbase. Let me know what you guys and girls think of this suggestion!

Greetings, Voltage.
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