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Game development has started


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Dec 30, 2019
Hello Hatrexians!

As you may have noticed from our latest development update (read here), we have started to work on new games. We want to make fun and unique game modes that are enjoyable to play. However, to do this, we also want to hear your feedback. We will be starting to work on gamemodes - one by one - where each gamemode has its own development cycle. Throughout development we will regularly post updates for the game we're working on.

To ensure that the release date is not too long, we will start to work on games that do not require much development time and that are less complex to develop. We've been in maintenance for too long - and it's time to make some real progress and get to a point where we can finally release some content.

Which game are we going to work on now?
The first game we're going to be working on is Free For All (FFA). We've chosen this gamemode because of the following two reasons:
  • It's not as complex and time consuming as gamemodes like SkyBlock.
    • We had to find a balance between the amount of 'features' we want to put into a gamemode and the amount of time required to develop it.
  • It only requires a few players to play the gamemode, whereas gamemodes like SkyWars depend on more players to get games started.
Free For All will be a leveling & prestige based gamemode. You can collect Emeralds to buy new abilities and items. Experience is used to level up. Emeralds and experience can be earned by killing players, participating with hourly events or by completing quests.

Now that you partly know how the game is played, you may have additional suggestions. Suggestions related to Free For All can be posted over here:

Which game is next?
While we are going to be working on FFA now, this does NOT mean that we are giving up on SkyBlock.

The next game we will be working on is, in fact, SkyBlock. The reason why this isn't the game we will be working on first is due to the complexity behind the gamemode, and the ideas we have. If we worked on SkyBlock first, it would only further delay the release date of the server - which is something we'd like to avoid, as we've been in maintenance for far too long.

SkyBlock will be an extremely feature heavy and unique gamemode, given that it is our flagship, and our most successful gamemode. We have some exciting ideas for the game, but given the nature of this project, we have chosen to tackle it once we have given you something to enjoy before we release the hard-worked project that is SkyBlock. This will give you an idea with regards to our transparency, and how we want to give your patience some reward in the form of FFA, before you get the big prize of SkyBlock.

Suggestions for SkyBlock can be posted over here:

Below you find a list of questions that are answered.

Q: Will there be other games besides the two mentioned games in this thread?
A: Yes, but that is something that will be discussed in a later update.

Q: Do you have an estimated release date?
A: As you may know from previous development updates, it's quite hard to estimate a release date. But our aim is midsummer. Do not quote us on this as things may change or get delayed.

Q: How can I follow the progress?
A: We will post updates and sneak peeks of the game we're working on when parts of it are completed on our Discord which you can join here:

Q: Which versions will you support?
A: Our main version is 1.8, though we will support newer versions.

Q: Why does it all take so long?
A: We only use custom plugins to ensure fun and unique gameplay. Unlike many other servers, we do not use public plugins. Developing plugins and functionality from scratch takes time, and with a small development team and our strive to release quality content, it's a very time consuming task. But it will be worth the wait, promised.


Jan 7, 2020
The Netherlands.
Hi @iConfueZ,

Glad to see the gamemodes!! I really like FFA but I am not a good pvper, but that doesn't matter. I made a suggestion about SkyWars, like what you said, Hatrax need a bigger playerbase to have SkyWars. But I also can't wait... Skyblock on Hatrax was my favorite gamemode, I am glad to see that Skyblock is coming back on this amazing server.

Take all the time you need to set up Hatrax to a good and awsome Server. The forums got a new awsome update, and I also hope that the server will be the same. For the second time, I can't wait. I am really hyped!!!

~ Voltage <3
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