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Developer Application Guidelines

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This following thread contains information on how to apply for Developer on Hatrex Network. It is essential to read this guideline prior to applying, otherwise your application will be denied.

Development on Hatrex Network falls under two categories
  • Developer
  • Website Developer

A developer will be focusing on running the server, in terms of games and plugins. A website developer will be focusing on running the website and working on new websites if needed. This is currently a voluntary job. [Subject to change in the future]

There are some coding and emotional skills we require in our developers listed below.

Understanding of Web-Servers (Nginx and Apache) - You must be able to use web-servers, primarily if you are applying for a website developer. Our forums runs on XenForo and it’s something you should probably know how to use as well, alongside with an understanding of Nginx and Apache.
Minimal Understanding of PHP, HTML, and CSS - To be able to write these scripts, and use them is quite essential. Fonts, text files, colours, everything of that sort does come under this category. It is required to have minimal knowledge of these languages.
Understanding of Linux distributions - This is the operating system where you will need to work on. Coding games, plugins, and custom plugins, etc. all come under this category. If you do apply for developer and you want to code games, this is an important requirement. We host these servers on Ubuntu servers, and you need to be thorough with Linux Distributions.
Understanding of Java - To be a game developer, this is probably the most important aspect. Minecraft runs on Java, therefore to do any sort of coding, you will require to know Java.

Maturity - Even being a developer, you represent our server, and we require you to do so in a respectful, mature, and professional manner.
Ability to work with a deadline - Often times we will set you deadlines to update a game or set up a website in a certain amount of time. It is important you adhere to these deadlines, and also let us know if you won’t be able to meet them due to some issues that may crop up.

Below listed are the requirements in your application

  • Why do you want to be a Developer on Hatrex?
  • Your CV (Academic Success, Coding experience etc.)
  • Evidence of Coding Work (A website, a game within Minecraft etc.)
  • Basic Details (IGN, Age, Country, etc.)
  • Cover Letter [Optional]
  • Anything Else

We review applications every day and we reply to them as soon as we can. If you have not received a reply within 2 weeks, you can re-apply, however, we can guarantee that we will reply to every application. @iConfueZ will let you know if you have been accepted or denied and he may also ask you to show your skills by coding/creating something or to show your previous works, which is why we need you to mention your previous works and provide evidence of it if you can.

Please apply here. Good Luck!
[EDIT] Applications are currently closed due to a Network Overhaul. Applications are being updated. Stay tuned for when they open.
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