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A brief request. 1.8.9 & 1.13+ Hatrex proxies

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Hiya there pal
So I think we can all agree, that Hatrex should be both a 1.9+ server and a 1.8 server. Some people like 1.9 more than 1.8, and vice-versa.
Therefore, the most logical solution, instead of Hatrex being available in only one version, would be split to two.

Version [A] will be 1.8.9, and version would be 1.13+.
Upon logging with a 1.8 client, it would send you to the 1.8 version of Hatrex. And upon logging with a 1.13+ client, it would send you to .
I think Hatrex should try to update itself as frequently as possible. Because usually, it literally brings extra content.

To clarify, I don't want Hatrex to be a "1.9+" server. I want it to have specifically 2 versions.
1.8.9, and the latest version. Please don't give access to 1.9+, 1.10+, 1.11+, or 1.12+ versions.
Specifically, 1.13+ and 1.8.9. And eventually, update to 1.14.

This is all I wanted to say! tell me your opinions below, as always.
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This may sound like a good idea, but technically for us it would be impossible. We aren't a large server so if we would have 2 separate versions, it would split up the community a lot leading to a much lower player count. We'd rather be a 1.8 server, as we think it has more potential to get (new) players.

We also do not have any plans to fully support any versions above 1.9 anytime soon, though you can still join the server with those versions.