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Hello Hatrexians!

As you may have noticed from our latest development update (read here), we have started to work on new games. We want to make fun and unique game modes that are enjoyable to play. However, to do this, we also want to hear your feedback. We will be starting to work on gamemodes - one by one - where each gamemode has its own development cycle. Throughout development we will regularly post updates for the game we're working on.

To ensure that the release date is not too long, we will start to work on games that do not require much development time and that are less complex to develop. We've been in maintenance for too long - and it's time to make some real progress and get to a point where we can finally release some content.

Which game are we going to work on now?
The first game we're going to be working on is Free For All (FFA). We've chosen this gamemode because of the...

Hatrex Dev Update - #2

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Hello Hatrexians!

It's been almost 3 months since the last development update. A lot of progress has been made, and you'll get to know what has been done and what we're currently working on.

➤ What progress have we made since the last development update?
We've finished core development. As explained in our previous development update, this is the most important part of our network. Having this finished means we can finally make some real strives in terms of game development.

Alongside core development, we've performed a lot of optimizations in the way we handle player data. We tested the code by simulating 100 player logins over a period of 30 seconds. The results were as expected - no lag or tps lose was discovered.

➤ Forums Update
As mentioned in our previous development update, we are working on a few new websites, including redesigning our forums. We've modernised our old forums style to make it look much cleaner and user...

Hatrex Dev Update - #1

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Hello Hatrexians!

On Discord we've asked whether you want to see development updates. Based on the results of the poll, and our strive to be more transparent with the community we've chosen to start development updates, starting today. This post will contain technical information and gives an insight on how Hatrex is being runned.

➤ What have we been doing in the past month(s).
Many of you know that we took a 'break' and haven't really posted an update about Hatrex's state for a long time. This was because we lost motiviation. Once we've picked up development again, we noticed that our core plugin wasn't well-written, and that it could be improved in many ways. So we basically throwed all our old code into the bin, and we started from scratch.

This resulted in better code, many optimizations and the ability to easily add new functionality because of how it is written.

We're slowly coming to a point where the core functionality - the most important part of...

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