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Hatrex Network Overhaul

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Raahil. M

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Over the course of our maintenance, we have been working on a huge network overhaul.

In the recent months, our staff team has been working on bringing out games. To ensure near perfection in our network’s anticipated release, we will be working for a few more months. In the light of this information being shared with you, I will be taking some time to talk about the future.

As of now, we will not be revealing the games we are working on. But to give you the gist of it, we are trying to not release a half hearted network, which is what the case was before. We plan to include ranks with quality perks, ones that will actually be useful and distinct. Things such as cosmetics that were sometimes working, other times broken, will actually be fully functional.

We have acquired two new developers, and now we are more efficient. These two developers alongside iConfueZ are highly skilled and will bring content to Hatrex very swiftly. This time, we want to make a network that we are also proud of. In terms of other staff news, there are still available positions for Developer, Builder, and Helper. Which you can apply for.

I look forward in bringing our server’s disgraceful chapter to an end. A chapter in which we produced poor content that we reluctantly advertised and tried to become popular. Going into the future, we are striving to be better, learning from our mistakes, and we are open to criticism. The issue previously was, however, that we received no comments or criticism, which is probably why we ended up failing. For those of you who really want to see Hatrex succeed and want Hatrex to stick around (I know quite a lot of you do - since we have had many requests), we really require your feedback and suggestions.

I will also be announcing some other big news if you are not already aware. Hatrex’s Co-Founder @Zrathex has agreed to return as an Owner. While this does not mean he is completely taking the reins once again (@iConfueZ and I will still be the Heads of the Management Team), he will be involved in a lot more. He is still going to continue his role of Sales Support, which we are grateful for. We are glad to have him back in this new chapter.

Just to give you a break down, the management team is as such -
CEO - iConfueZ
COO- TheFastBowler
CFO - Zrathex
AM - xx_360noscope101

We are not currently revealing what we are working on, however, you will soon see the new Hatrex Network! ;)
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