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Game suggestion: "Tower Defense"

So what do you think?

  • Should eventually be added. Seems fun.

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  • I don't like these concepts.

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  • It should be added. But ... (Comment)

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Thread starter #1
The big concept:
Send mobs to your enemy's base. Destroy it: and you win!
Only takes damage from physical Villager-maintained towers. Some magical attacks may influence them.
Only takes damage from Magical attacks. Some physical effects may influence them.
Ground mobs, are just your usual, default, run-of-the-mill, regular, average, mob. They’re Zombies, Skeletons, and Creepers. Etc..
Flying mobs, are stuff like Ghasts, Blaze, Bats, stuff that fly! - ignore attacks that influence the ground.

--- LIST OF MOBS ---
- Blaze. (Expensive)
Magical, flying mob.
Speedy. lots of HP. High damage.
Immune to fire/lava and ground effects.

- Creeper. (Expensive)
Physical, ground mob.
Normal speed. Low damage. Hefty HP.
Upon death: explodes. Explosions deal damage to towers.
Can become a Charged Creeper.

- Charged Creeper. (Expensive)
Magical, ground mob.
Very slow. Extremely high HP. Moderate damage.
Explosion upon death. Completely disables a nearby tower for 12 seconds.

- Ghast. (Expensive)
Physical and magical, flying mob.
Slow. High HP.
Hits towers. At high-level: can shoot out fire-balls.

- Slime. (Cheap)
Magical, ground mob.
Slow. High HP.
Consumes guardians such as Iron Golems, and converting them to HP.
Per 2nd upgrade, the blob is bigger.
Can become a: Magma Cube, and Giant Slime.

- Magma-Cube. (Cheap)
Magical, ground mob.
Fast. High HP.
Can become a Jurojiri.
Immune to fire/lava.

- Jurojiri (Expensive)
Magical & Physical. Both Ground & Flying mob.
Slow. Extraordinarily high HP. Lethal damage.
A Jurojiri is basically 24 Magma-Cubes stacked upon one another. Only the bottom Cube takes damage
Because of its massive size, and crazy amount of health, it leaves a fire-trail as it slowly waddles forwards which deals damage to troops behind it. So! Be careful!

- Giant Slime. (Expensive)
Magical. Ground & Flying.
Slow. High HP. Lethal damage.
Basically what a Lv.100 Slime would look like. IT. IS. HUUUGE.
Because of its massive size, it leaves a trail of goo and snot behind it, dealing a compelling slowness-effect to troops behind it.
Because of its sheer humongous size, it blocks movement of the troops behind it so nothing can pass around it.

- Skeleton. (Cheap)
Physical & Magical, ground mob.
If two low-HP skeletons are near each other, they'll fuse together to form one skeleton with the HP of both partners combined.
At Lv. 10, can become a Skeleton Rider, Stray, or Wither-Skeleton.

Skeleton Rider. (Expensive)
Magical, ground mob.
Fast. Horse has extremely high HP. When the skeleton dies, another mob can choose to ride it.
Low-Level skeletons around it will die, and restore its HP.

- Stray. (Cheap)
Magical, ground mob.
Extremely fast. Decent HP. Low damage.
It's basically a Lv.11 Skeleton.
Has higher max-health, deals slightly more damage. And is just a tiny bit faster.

- Illusioner. (Expensive)
Magical, ground mob.
Slow. High HP. No damage.
Heals other troops around it.

- Zombie. (Cheap)
Magical & Physical Mob.
Fast. High HP. High damage.
Sometimes spawns as a Baby, rather than a full grown adult.
Can become: Zombie Rider, Husk, Drowned, and Giant.

- Zombie Rider. (Expensive)
A Zombie which rides a Zombie-Horse.
The Rider has high HP, deals high damage, and wears armour: which gives percent-protection.
The Horse is very fast. Has enormous amount of HP. And low-level zombies near it die, and get converted to HP.
If the Rider dies, high-level Zombies can ride upon the Horse.

- Husk. (Cheap)
Very high health. Lethal damage. Slow.
Slows down villager-maintained towers near it.

- Giant. (Expensive)
Physical, Ground & Air.
Basically a Lv. 100 Zombie.
Pretty damn big. Zombies around it will die, restoring his HP.
Unfortunately, because it is so awesome and enormous, troops around it are slowed: because he is stomping the ground.

- Cave Spider. (Cheap)
Physical, ground mob.
Very fast. Low HP. Low damage.
Can become a Spider.

- Spider. (Cheap)
Physical, ground mob.
Fast. High HP. High damage.
This is basically a Lv.20 Cave-Spider.
Can become a Spider Queen.

- Spider Queen. (Expensive)
Slow. Very high HP. Lethal damage.
This is basically a Lv. 30 Spider.
Every few seconds, it shoots out a Cave Spider which becomes invisible after a short while.
Skeletons can ride Spider Queens: increasing the HP of both partners.

--- Some important stuff that you might want to know. ---
You can get hit by enemy troops if you get too close.
When a mob dies it gives potatoes to the specific player that killed it.

The damage you deal is converted to percentage. The percent-damage that you deal is the percent-reward that you will get when that mob dies.
This includes mobs hit by multiple towers. The loot is split between the tower-owners.
This is why spamming lots of weak towers will never be a viable strategy.

Small tip: You cannot send troops at the first minute of the game.
And there's a cooldown of 10 seconds that you have to wait between sending troops.
The maximum amount of troops you can send depends on the size of your lane. (Varies between maps)

In case you're colour-blind, you can activate "Blind Mode" - All enemies are coloured red, your team is coloured with green, and the chat is bold and white.

You spawn beneath your Heart - Which is what you are protecting.
If the Heart dies, you cannot respawn, and ultimately lose in one minute. Or 60 super stressful seconds.

Your lane has lines on it.
A white strip is where mobs spawn.
If mobs reach a wool-line, they start to deal damage to your Heart.

- Towers -
3x3 towers:
There are a lot of slots for these little fellas!
They are basically the cheapest, and deal the least amount of damage.
They are usually what you would construct over and over again.

5x5 towers:
They dish large quantities of damage, but are very slow.

7x7 towers:
They are the most expensive, and deal massive amounts of damage.

--- General information about Towers ---
Physical towers, are maintained by Villagers.
If the Villagers are interrupted, they cannot maintain the tower: rendering it temporarily useless.

Magical Towers, are maintained by Wizards, Lizards, and Magicians.
*There's no actual difference, by the way.

Towers can either target flying mobs, or ground. And sometimes both!
Some towers deal AoE damage. (Area of Effect) which hits multiple targets over an area.

And there are SS's. (Single-Strikes) - Which deal hefty damage to a single mob.
Towers can also be used as utility tools, rather than offensive / defensive.

--- Potions! ---
Spells are buffs, used to empower your teammates.
Curses are used to either debuff your enemies, or harm your player-opponents.
(So far, there are 7 spells and 7 curses)

--- Personal Melee Weapon ---
Weapons can be upgraded once, and enchanted multiple times.
Upgrading a weapon changes the blade. (Iron -> Diamond) adds +1dmg.

You can enchant your sword with:
- Sweeping Edge. (Higher AoE DMG)
- Knockback. (Knocks the mob backwards)
- Sharpness. (More DMG)

Okay: but how does the economy work!?
There are three currencies. Potatoes & Tomatoes. (And Emeralds)
Per player, there is a "Potato"-Farm. Which is run by magical cute rabbits that harvest potatoes for you.
Potatoes are used to construct, and build basic structures. And are also used to send simple, low-level troops.
By default you start with one potato per second. And then you can upgrade it 8 times. On specific gamemodes, you can still upgrade it by +10% an infinite amount of times.
So you start at 1pps, to 2pps, 4pps, 8pps, 16pps, 32pps, 64pps, 128pps, and 256pps.

Potatoes let you:
- Construct 3x3 towers.
- Upgrade certain towers.
- Send troops.

Tomatoes though: allow you improve the things you've purchased with potatoes - But some things require both potatoes and tomatoes.

Tomatoes let you upgrade:
- Troops.
- Enchant weapons.
- Purchase potions.

You have to use both potatoes & tomatoes to:
- Upgrade certain towers.
- Build 5x5 & 7x7 towers.
- Upgrade a mob to another mob, such as a Zombie -> Zombie-Rider.
- Upgrade a melee weapon.
- Upgrade potato-per-psecond.

"Okay. So how do we get tomatoes exactly?"
Glad I asked.
When your troops die they give you tomatoes. Why? Villagers.
And now you're probably wondering, "Okay. So what the hell are Emeralds used for?"

You actually need to unlock quite a lot of features in this game.
And the currency used for that are Emeralds.
This is a reward-system for players that will play very frequently.
You get emeralds for winning, or having the highest score between your teammates.
Having the highest score between all teams gives you a large bonus. In 4v4 gamemodes, you get an enormous bonus.
List of locked features:

- Potions.
- 5x5 Towers.
- 7x7 Towers.
- Lv. 11 mobs. (Ability to change mobs)
- Multiple hours games.
- Unique tower-paths. (Enables on specific gamemodes, rather than every)
- Ability to de-upgrade your towers.
- Special chat-alerts.
(Enemies being spawned, If you can upgrade your Potato Farm, your Tower getting damaged. Teammate deaths, etc)
- 4v4v4v4 games.

This is how I imagine the game is going to be played out on average: (And I will also repeat/clear some rules)

At the first minute you cannot send troops.
Therefore: You shouldnconstruct towers.
Communicate with your team and build an ideal defense.

After a while the first batch of mobs is sent, a few seconds pass and you get tomatoes. Now you can invest in whatever you want / what your team needs.
At the 10 minute mark, both teams should have a decent defense & offense.

Games ultimately end after an hour.

In case of team-trolling, you can use /warn [Name] - This alerts moderators of that specific person.
(Abusing this will revoke your ability to use this command)

If you think you've ultimately lost, you can use /surrender - if enough players agree, the game stops.
(Again, abusing this will revoke your ability to initiate the command)

You get emeralds for winning, losing, and having the highest score between your team. The person with highest score from both teams gets a bonus.

At the 55 minute mark of the game, all players would be warned of a world-event.

Pillage Night.
- Villager-Maintained & Magical-Maintained towers are disabled.
- Summoners (Towers that summon friendly mobs) are not affected.

The Nether Bridge.
- A large portal to the Nether opens. And each team needs to fight off a Wither.
- Withers have an enormous health pool, deals lethal AoE damage aronund itself. And regenerates HP.
- Withers convert Skeletons to Wither Skeletons.
- Wither Skeletons deal more damage, have more health, and are faster than regular Skeletons.

Well, that's it folks!
[Link] - to a YT showcase or whatever.
(If it doesn't work, I probably haven't made it yet)
Comment below your opinion, critique, and suggestions!
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